An essay on examination

Questions and Answers for preparing Competitive Examinations..
[1] What is the theme of Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2014 for this year?
Ans - "Engaging Diaspora: Connecting Across Generations.
[2] When is Army day celebrated?
Ans - 15 january
[3] Who was named world's best soccer player for the 2012/2013 season by FIFA?
Ans – Cristiano Ronaldo
[4] What is the full form of EPI?
Ans - Environmental Performance Index
[5] Which state won the Senior National Women’s Football Championships title at Golaghat Stadium in Assam?
Ans – Manipur
[6] Who won the Madrid open?
Ans – men- Rafael Nadal
Women –Maria Sharapova
[7] A Book entitled ‘India Junction – A Window to the Nation’ was released by???
Ans - Arunendra Kumar, the Chairman of Railway Board.
[8] Who won the prestigious 2014 Gregory Bradeb Memorial Fellow of the Year Award?
Ans - Indian-Americancardiologist Mitul Kadakia
[9] Which country was awarded with the New Frontiers Award 2014 on 8 May 2014 by Arabian travel Market (ATM)?
Ans - India
[10] Who won the presidential election of Panama?
Ans- Juan Carlos Varela

The ability to listen with empathy may be the most important attribute of interveners who succeed in gaining the trust and cooperation of parties to intractable conflicts and other disputes with high emotional content. Among its other advantages, as Burley-Allen points out, empathic listening has empowering qualities. Providing an opportunity for people to talk through their problem may clarify their thinking as well as provide a necessary emotional release. Thomas Gordon agrees that active listening facilitates problem-solving and, like Burley-Allen's primer on listening,[10] Gordon's "Leadership Effectiveness Training"[11] provides numerous exercises and suggestions for those seeking to strengthen their listening skills.

An essay on examination

an essay on examination


an essay on examinationan essay on examinationan essay on examinationan essay on examination