Anger management dissertation

Alright, let's go
Yeah! Welcome to the official
Shade 45 Anger Management 3 Exclusive Mixtape (It's familiar!)
Brought to you by none other than the mother fuckin'
Notorious, infamous, DJ Clinton Sparks!

Once again it's the kid, yeah, eat a dick up
Pick up them nuts boy, lick up 'til you hiccup
Sick mo'fucka, yeah, same sick mug, it's the stick up
His middle finger and go chica-chica-chica
Hi! My name is Chica-chica-chica
Till this shit was stuck in your head
So much you were sick of I'mma teach love
In these boys say fuck a bitch say your daughter
And so we took this shit more
Choke a slut, smack a bitch whore
Beat a bitch up
Look at these kids they eat this shit up
And this was before I even knew what this shit was
It's affecting what it does
Parents come picking at us
Meanwhile ticket sales have just skyrocketed up
So shit fuck, shit fuck, shit fuck
Fuck you suck a dick slut
But I gotta go, it's time for me to go and pick up
Jessica, it's official I just broke her and Nick up

By recognising and accepting anger problems, you can start to understand how to use anger in a safe and healthy way. During anger management therapy, you’ll learn how to pinpoint your frustrations early on, so they can be resolved in a way that allows you to express your needs, while remaining calm and in control. Essentially, anger management can help you reach your goals, solve problems and rebuild any damage that may have occurred as a result of your anger. Anger doesn’t need to take over your life, remember that there are methods you can learn to manage your anger, and live your life to the fullest.

My expertise is in building wise leaders, strategic communication skills and stopping workplace drama. In this course we'll expose the myths about anger. We'll look at how your mindsets and your habits might be working against you. I'll give you tips to expand your awareness so that you can identify your triggers and tap into the ABCs of mood control in order to represent yourself in the best light. We'll address issues that affect you personally and professionally, issues like setting appropriate boundaries, speaking your truths and using language in a way that builds better relationships at home and at work.

Anger management dissertation

anger management dissertation


anger management dissertationanger management dissertationanger management dissertationanger management dissertation