Career in radiography essay

Change your life forever by joining the high skill, high wage career at Indian River State College’s Radiography Program. As a radiographer you will work directly with patients, explaining complex procedure to patients, setting up and operating high tech radiographic equipment. Within IRSC’s Radiography Program you will learn important safety procedures by using a radiation shield to protect patients and yourself from dangerous radiation emitting equipment. As a radiographer you will aid the Radiologist (a physician) in obtaining information that is useful in diagnosis.

Post qualification, radiographers follow career paths according to a combination of their personal interests and the needs of healthcare services and patients. Promotion opportunities are excellent, with a grading structure that sees the radiographer's salary increase as s/he moves along the career pathway. British radiographers are recognised as receiving excellent training with innovative career paths. The Society and College of Radiographers supports the extension of the scope of practice of members where adequate education, training, and audit of practice provide safe and effective services to meet local patient needs.

Career in radiography essay

career in radiography essay


career in radiography essaycareer in radiography essaycareer in radiography essaycareer in radiography essay