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Tsai, Chen, Chang, & Chang (2013) found that enhancing the critical thinking among students in science classes helped the students better understand the scientific process as well as encouraging students to become more experimental and questioning of the different aspects of the sciences.  VanTassel-Baska, Bracken, Feng, & Brown (2009) reported findings of an increase in reading comprehension and reading assessment scores that bodes well for the use of the program in Title I Schools.  Choy and Cheah (2009) and Rowles, Morgan, Burns, and Merchant (2013) all found that while educators feel they are teaching critical thinking skills, their teaching can be enhanced by having a more standard definition of what critical thinking entails.  This definition would allow educators at all grade levels to enhance their current curriculum with activities and lessons that help to develop critical thinking among students and educators.  Henderson-Hurley & Hurley (2013) found that developing critical thinking among authoritarian students in an institution perceived to be very traditional faced challenges that were unseen in other institutions, but critical thinking could still be accomplished.

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Right, but even if we accept Mr. Jones' protasis, the apodosis does not follow. In other words, if we can decipher something, it is because there is intelligence in its origin. Therefore, if we can't decpiher something, it's because there is no intelligence in its origin. Example: Michael Ventris was able to decpiher Linear B because there was intelligence in its origin. Linear A remains undecipherable because there was no intelligence in its origin. I'm sure that you can find other reasons to pick this apart, but it still amounts to uncritical thinking.

Critical thinking wiki

critical thinking wiki


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