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DERA relies on a variety of academic disciplines, quantitative and non-quantitative approaches, and knowledge of market institutions and practices to help the Commission approach complex matters and conduct economic analysis in a fresh light. DERA also assists in the Commission's efforts to identify, analyze, and respond to risks and trends, including those associated with new financial products and strategies. Through the range and nature of its activities, DERA serves the critical function of promoting collaborative efforts throughout the agency and breaking through silos that might otherwise limit the impact of the agency's institutional expertise.

Find Your Soil Test Report

Crop Fertilization Based on . Soil Tests
         — entire book
         — chapter by chapter [not pdf]

Essential Plant Nutrients

Understanding the Soil Test Report
— detailed explanation
— specifics for agricultural samples
— specifics for home & garden samples Boxes: Sample boxes are not available by mail. Pick them up at your county Cooperative Extension office or at the Agronomic Division office in Raleigh.
Soil Testing
Heavy Metals in . Soils
Crop Notes:
$ Note: Secondary Nutrients and Micronutrients
Note 1: Tobacco
Note 2. ( discontinued )
Note 3: Field Crops
Note 4: Lawns, Gardens and Ornamentals
Note 5: Christmas Trees
Note 6: Commercial Vegetable Crops
Note 7: Tomatoes Grown under Plasticulture
Note 8. ( discontinued )
Note 9: Soil Analysis of Growth Substrates for Greenhouse Crops
Note 10. ( discontinued )
Note 11: Nursery Crops—Container and Field
Note 12: Forage and Pasture Crops
Note 13. ( discontinued )
Note 14: Golf and other Fine Turf
Note 15: Pecans and Miscellaneous Nuts and Fruits
Note 16: Apples
Note 17: Peaches
Note 18: Small Fruits
Hydroseeded Areas
Plasticulture Strawberries
Tomato Production Fertilization Guide
Wildlife Food Plots
Sample Information Forms
Print, Fill Out by Hand
& Submit via Mail Routine soil samples (form AD-1) updated!
Diagnostic (problem) soil samples (form AD-2) updated!
Soil samples for research (form AD-12)
Soil samples for heavy metals analysis (form AD-13)

Division or analysis essay examples

division or analysis essay examples


division or analysis essay examplesdivision or analysis essay examplesdivision or analysis essay examplesdivision or analysis essay examples