Error correction essay

As viewing what some colleagues have to say about correcting students mistakes, I fairly consider that is important not to over correct them , as this can lead into tapping their heads and in some occasions making them feel ashame which could lead onto them not feeling quite confident and as a consequence stop speaking.
One of the techniques I 've been using among all these years of my teaching carrer , is mostly, kind of repeating what they have said as if I have missed or haven't understood clearly their point. In this way, they self correct themselves without feeling that I'm spotting their mistake or making them feel they are totally wrong. And to an extent also gives me the clue if the type of mistake is mostly a mistake of the slip of the mind as we may call or an error, in which case needs further consideration and practice.
Other way, might be to keep a record of the students mistakes and then write those on the board and make a group analysis of those particular mistakes I have overheard during their group or pair work performance.

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Error correction essay

error correction essay


error correction essayerror correction essayerror correction essayerror correction essay