Essay about load shedding in nepal

Rising fuel costs in the production of electricity are also a major source of concern. Natural gas and imported oil are the two major components of power production. While imported oil was always expensive for power producers, the shortage of natural gas has added further to their miseries. Natural gas always seemed to be in abundance in the country however in recent times the country has surprisingly faced natural gas shortages too. So the only way out for Pakistan is to find other sources of energy generation. Coal in the country is in abundance but the lack of expertise in the country does not allow it to be used in the right direction.

Turton and Henwood (2002) explain the concept and limitation of hydro politics in developing countries. They assert in the book that hydro politics is emerging as a specific discipline, largely as a result of the increased awareness of water scarcity and erratic supply due to rapid population growth, urbanization and unsustainable water consumption practices. For these reasons, a greater focus on the development of conceptual clarity has become essential. The realization of the fact that life is impossible without water is the fundamental driving force behind hydro politics. As more and more people compete for and rely on the declining water resources, it has become a challenge for the environment and therefore a political issue. This book would help researcher to analyze the concept of hydro politics and the factors inflicting its importance.

Essay about load shedding in nepal

essay about load shedding in nepal


essay about load shedding in nepalessay about load shedding in nepalessay about load shedding in nepalessay about load shedding in nepal