Gcse maths statistic coursework

The Level of Argument here is low. A lot of the time, the candidate uses very basic vocabulary and employs very few of the required devices that comprise a good argument. There are a few, naturally: a variation of sentence syntax, rhetorical questions, syntactic parallelisms, and although it is quite a poor one, a real life example of a science class being comparatively interesting to other lessons where textbooks are primarily used. I would argue though, that science classes also heavily rely on textbooks and reading knowledge and do not always feature practical experiments (they might do in this candidate's school, but this is an example of where they need to expand their views beyond their own experiences), so a better example is required to carry the weight of the argument they place on it.
As well as this, the candidate neglects to mention any reputable statistic other than one they have appeared to conjure up in their head. The benefits of field trip education are apparent, but this candidate fails to express any one of them, other than the benefits of physical activity (one could argue here though, that not all field trips orientate around physical activities . - history museums and art exhibitions). The statistic carries no factual weight and, when prefixed with "I think", the argument loses all it's steam. Arguments need to be powerful, emotive even. This candidate has not recognised the basic requirements of an argument and has instead pieced together parts of an effective argument and forgotten to string them together with any cohesion. This could be due to ineffectual teaching of the creation of a strong argument or a lack of interest in the subject being argued. As advice, I was suggest that this candidate practices arguing a number of topics they have a real passions for; hobbies, interests, free-time activities, etc., etc. Doing this will improve the punch of their arguments, as they will be writing about something they feel truly passionate for. This will help them write about things that maybe they do not have such a passion for as it teaches them to think of the positive and negatives in short time and jot these points down quickly so as to refer to them as notes in an exam.

11-16 resources from Nicola Waddilove, Sheffield

MathApps (by Mike Hall, St Peter's School, York) - needs Mathematica Player
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Kjartan Poskitt
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Maths is Fun (Stephen Froggatt, Oaks Park High School, Ilford)
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Mr Reddy's web resources for maths teachers (Bruno Reddy, King Solomon Academy, London)
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MathsLearn (James Yates, Skegness Grammar School) - support service for teachers
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RISPS - Rich Starting Points for A level (16-19) - Making Statistics Vital
- from Jonny Griffiths, Norwich

PG Maths - Worksheets, notes and tests for GCSE, IGCSE, AS, A2, Further Maths
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Wright Robinson Specialist College (Gorton, Manchester)

Gcse maths statistic coursework

gcse maths statistic coursework


gcse maths statistic courseworkgcse maths statistic courseworkgcse maths statistic courseworkgcse maths statistic coursework