Gothic literature research paper

After them, Wilhelm Meinhold wrote The Amber Witch (1838) and Sidonia von Bork (1847). Also writing in the German language, Jeremias Gotthelf wrote The Black Spider (1842), an allegorical work that used Gothic themes. The last work from German writer Theodor Storm , The Rider on the White Horse (1888), also uses Gothic motives and themes. [17] In the beginning of the 20th century, many German authors wrote works influenced by Schauerroman , including Hanns Heinz Ewers . [18]

Ah, Ms. Hamilton. Anyone who reads my blog knows how much I love and am inspired by her. She’s not strictly horror, but that’s actually why she’s on this list. LKH has had a huge part in the division and dispersement of horror into other genres. And although I adore her rule-breaking genre melding (her books could easily be shelved in horror, fantasy, mystery, or even erotica — her main vampire made my Top 10 Sexy Vampires list), I admit that I am hoping for a horror renaissance any day now. Hopefully brought about in part by yours truly.

10. The vocabulary of the gothic. The constant use of the appropriate vocabulary set creates an sustains the atmosphere of the gothic. Using the right words maintains the dark-and-stimulated feel that defines the gothic. Here as an example are some of the words (in several categories) that help make up the vocabulary of the gothic in The Castle of Otranto :
  Mystery diabolical, enchantment, ghost, goblins, haunted, infernal, magic, magician, miracle, necromancer, omens, ominous, portent, preternatural, prodigy, prophecy, secret, sorcerer, spectre, spirits, strangeness, talisman, vision Fear, Terror, or Sorrow afflicted, affliction, agony, anguish, apprehensions, apprehensive, commiseration, concern, despair, dismal, dismay, dread, dreaded, dreading, fearing, frantic, fright, frightened, grief, hopeless, horrid, horror, lamentable, melancholy, miserable, mournfully, panic, sadly, scared, shrieks, sorrow, sympathy, tears, terrible, terrified, terror, unhappy, wretched Surprise alarm, amazement, astonished, astonishment, shocking, staring, surprise, surprised, thunderstruck, wonder Haste anxious, breathless, flight, frantic, hastened, hastily, impatience, impatient, impatiently, impetuosity, precipitately, running, sudden, suddenly Anger anger, angrily, choler, enraged, furious, fury, incense, incensed, provoked, rage, raving, resentment, temper, wrath, wrathful, wrathfully Largeness enormous, gigantic, giant, large, tremendous, vast Darkness
dark, darkness, dismal, shaded, black, night

Gothic literature research paper

gothic literature research paper


gothic literature research papergothic literature research papergothic literature research papergothic literature research paper