Grad school biographical essay

Academic Transcripts

The Department requires applicants to submit one electronic or scanned transcript from each post-secondary institution attended to begin the application process.  Applications will not be considered complete and will not be reviewed by the Admissions Committee until official paper transcripts have been received. The deadline for submitting  official paper transcripts  is 19 January. 

Electronic or Scanned copies of Transcripts:

Scanned copies of transcripts must be up to date and must include the transcript “legend” which is usually printed on the back of the paper transcript. More detailed requirements for scanning and submitting can be found below. The application review process will begin based on this electronic or scanned transcript. Please ensure that the file is complete and readable before submitting.

The following option applies to transcripts from Canadian universities only: In lieu of a scanned copy of a paper transcript, applicants may upload a PDF file of their academic history from their university’s student web service. Printing to pdf directly from your web browser is ideal; if this is not possible you may copy and paste the information into a word processing program and print to pdf from there. Where possible, the file should include the university’s grading legend and your name. Some universities do not include the same information on the student web service as they do on the transcript (., class size or average). If the admissions committee determines that the file is incomplete you may be asked to submit a copy of the transcript instead.

Technical Requirements:

Please scan your transcript in grayscale at the lowest dots per inch (dpi) setting that results in a legible document. We recommend 72 dpi whenever possible.

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Grad school biographical essay

grad school biographical essay


grad school biographical essaygrad school biographical essaygrad school biographical essaygrad school biographical essay