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While we are on the subject, I often refer to myself as a “ Primavera P6 Scheduler ” because there are in fact specific techniques to scheduling projects with Primavera P6. Case in point: Microsoft Project does not allow two relationships between the same two activities, while in Primavera P6 this is perfectly acceptable. A good scheduler with poor Primavera P6 skills can still make a lot of mistakes because of their unfamiliarity with the program. For the same reason, I tend to be very cautious in Microsoft Project because it is not my bread and butter.

Note that the 1202 and 1201 alarms from the guidance computer could be ignored because the computer could restart both itself and high-priority tasks quickly and efficiently. Although Armstrong was flying manually, he still relied on the the information being given to him by the Guidance computer. It is well worth reading my third link above to get an insight into the programming of the executive on that computer: When Hal Laning designed the Executive and Waitlist system in the mid 1960's, he made it up from whole cloth with no examples to guide him. The design is still valid today[2004]. The allocation of functions among a sensible number of asynchronous processes, under control of a rate- and priority-driven preemptive executive, still represents the state of the art in real-time GN&C computers for spacecraft.

The best part of the video—or whatever it is—is that you get to appreciate the grandeur of an up-and-coming spaceflight facility, one that’ll eventually house and launch Blue Origin’s heavy-lift orbital rocket , New Glenn. But things quickly take a turn for the worse. The camera zooms in on Bezos, who’s lounging in a chair on the roof of the facility with the nonchalantness of a dad enjoying a half-priced Mudslide at a TGI Friday’s. He’s silently, expressionlessly holding a sign that says “Rocket factory coming soon.” Classic Jeff. Haha.

Module c wag the dog essay

module c wag the dog essay


module c wag the dog essaymodule c wag the dog essaymodule c wag the dog essaymodule c wag the dog essay