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· Scandals : Lending Club has suffered embarrassing scandals that may cause you pause before investing. Chief Executive Officer Renaud Laplanche was forced to resign in May 2016 because of alleged ethical problems regarding conflicts of interest and misdated loans. Law suits and investigations by the Department of Justice and the SEC are underway. Bloomberg reported in August a story in which 32 different loans were taken out by just four individuals, which is unusual at best. Obviously, this kind of activity affects loan riskiness.

The iPhone 6, thanks to its 64-bit chipset, is a little powerhouse. The phone doesn’t stutter, apps load instantly, gaming is a joy, multi-tasking works as Apple expects it to, the camera loads within a split second, and even the Touch ID recognition of your fingerprint happens quicker than you would expect. If you look around the web at iPhone 6 reviews that include benchmarks, you will consistently see the 6 ranked towards the top in almost all categories when compared to other smartphones. The iPhone 6 is efficient, yet powerful.

Of course, this free distribution of music couldn’t last long before it was attacked by the music industry. The first big attack on Napster came from thrash gods Metallica in 2000: after they discovered that their single “I Disappear” had been leaked to Napster before it was released, and had even made it to radio, they filed a lawsuit against the service under the Digital Media Copyright Act What Is the Digital Media Copyright Act? What Is the Digital Media Copyright Act? Read More . Dr. Dre quickly followed suit (no pun intended). The Recording Industry Association of America also filed a suit. As a result of these lawsuits, Napster shut down in 2001 and declared bankruptcy the following year.

P2p essay

p2p essay


p2p essayp2p essayp2p essayp2p essay