Resume cover letter ideas

Question for the group: I currently am trying to get back home to the city I was born and raised in. As a former recruiter I know if a position has a lot of candidates apply a recruiter will pair down as much as possible before actually reading a person’s cover letter or resume. Is it okay to use the address of my soon to be home (will be living with family initially) rather than my current home so I can at least make it to speaking with the recruiter? Positions I am applying for do not offer relocation and I am fine with that. During the interview phase should I mention at all that I am in transition? All I will need is to give my two notice and then begin the new job. Thank you all for any suggestions or tips!

Well, I’m paying attention and thank you for it. I don’t comment all the time but read (and have read) everything on your site. I’ve lost my writing ‘voice’ and I see that loss in writing cover letters also. My office recently hired a grant writer who has a 100% win rate. When I chatted with him about it, he said he works hard to make sure his writing voice is conversational and not fake. I always struggle with this because I feel like I should write in a different way with things like cover letters and grant writing. I see now that while the level of formality may change, my voice needs to remain the same.

Resume cover letter ideas

resume cover letter ideas


resume cover letter ideasresume cover letter ideasresume cover letter ideasresume cover letter ideas