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In Sikhism the Gurus (spiritual teacher ) have propagated the message of "many paths" leading to the one God and ultimate salvation for all souls who tread on the path of righteousness . They have supported the view that proponents of all faiths can, by doing good and virtuous deeds and by remembering the Lord , certainly achieve salvation. The students of the Sikh faith are told to accept all leading faiths as possible vehicles for attaining spiritual enlightenment provided the faithful study, ponder and practice the teachings of their prophets and leaders. The holy book of the Sikhs called the Sri Guru Granth Sahib says: "Do not say that the Vedas, the Bible and the Koran are false. Those who do not contemplate them are false." Guru Granth Sahib page 1350; [32] yet claiming that weeks can be derived from the sun, when stating "The seconds, minutes, and hours, days, weeks and months, and the various seasons originate from the one Sun; O nanak, in just the same way, the many forms originate from the Creator." Guru Granth Sahib page 12,13.

At the risk of sounding smug, let’s introduce some factual information into the debate. You’re saying Trump’s election was rejecting “academia-types with no common sense” and “liberal arts degrees.” You seem to forget these “academia-types” are also the men and women who designed cars, who save lives with surgery and health discoveries, who put a man on the moon, who invented the internet by which we’re communicating. It’s outrageous to attempt to ostracize such a group. They are the keys to mankind’s survival and prosperity – people of vision and intelligence – by some distance our most powerful weapon.

Prof. Wang Benli was a visiting SALC fellow for 2014-15. He is a professor and Vice Head of the Humanities School of Suzhou University of Science and Technology, . China, where he teaches, among other things, Jewish History and Culture. He has co-authored The Modernization Process of the World: Western Europe (2010) and co-translated Martin Gilbert's A History of the Twentieth Century, vol 2 (2001). Among his many articles in Anglo-Jewish history are '“Kindertransport”: A Movement of Flesh and Blood' (2012), 'The Cultural and Educational Achievements of British Jews in the 19th Century' (2012), 'The Jewish Labour Movement in Britain in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries' (2012), 'On the Emancipation of British Jews' (2010), 'Impact and Response: The Emigration Tides of Eastern European Jews and the British Society, 1881-1914 (2006), and 'The Origin and Development of Anglo-Jewish History Studies' (2004).

Richard rorty essays

richard rorty essays


richard rorty essaysrichard rorty essaysrichard rorty essaysrichard rorty essays