Sample essay for dental hygiene school

Okay:  "I want to help people. I have gotten so much out of life through the love and guidance of my family, I feel that many individuals have not been as fortunate; therefore, I would like to expand the lives of others."

  • Better:  "My Mom and Dad stood on plenty of sidelines 'til their shoes filled with water or their fingers turned white or somebody's golden retriever signed his name on their coats in mud. I think that kind of commitment is what I'd like to bring to working with fourth-graders."
  • DON'Ts

    I first met Drake in his Biological Pathways class, where he showed an aptitude for science that I have seen in very few students of his age. For example, during class I posed a question to the entire lecture hall asking if anyone had an idea for a possible experimental design. Out of 240 students, Drake was the only one to raise his hand and volunteer. Not only did he show great confidence and poise, he also designed a very simple yet encompassing experiment. Impressed, I invited him to conduct research in my lab, which he agreed to. Over the next year, Drake demonstrated an enormous capacity for individual work. Once when I was away at a conference for a week, he not only completed a project that I had anticipated would take him three weeks, but he also creatively solved many of the issues related to the experiment. He is great at critical thinking and keeps his composure in tough situations.

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    Sample essay for dental hygiene school

    sample essay for dental hygiene school


    sample essay for dental hygiene schoolsample essay for dental hygiene schoolsample essay for dental hygiene schoolsample essay for dental hygiene school