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One thing to note: since the study of sleep disorders is mostly done in specialized fields, people who study it tend to be professional researchers. For example, the American Thoracic Society offers a wide selection of sleep-focused grants and scholarships. These include awards sponsored by organizations like the National Institutes of Health and The National Center on Sleep Disorder Research , and foundations such as The Francis Family Foundation and the American Sleep Medicine Foundation . However, the scholarships and grants listed by the ATS are for career scientists, doctors and other professionals who are asked to submit research proposals. In our effort to provide scholarships for the broadest pool of student candidates, we have only included awards that are reserved for people who are currently attending or planning to attend a postsecondary institution.

When we collated the results, we were startled by what we found. The anxious, preoccupied group was far more likely to recall dreams than the securely attached; they took less time to enter REM sleep and had many more dreams featuring aggression against competitors. But both the anxious and the securely attached recalled more dreams than avoidant participants. That is precisely the pattern one would predict if dream sleep were directly related to long-term sexual strategies. The anxious individual is passionately interested in getting into a relationship with a romantic target, and thus recalls more especially vivid and emotional dreams filled with content concerning intimacy. The avoidant individual, conversely, suppresses the subconscious call for sexual closeness as reflected in dreams.

Sleep essays

sleep essays


sleep essayssleep essayssleep essayssleep essays