Thesis nutrition dietetics

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Graduate Assistantship (GA)
While we attempt to fund all Clinical Nutrition students with a GA and historically have been successful in doing so, a GA is not guaranteed for all students. Students should consult with Dr. Ruth Williams-Hooker for more information. If a GA is provided, it will require that a student work approximately 20 hours each week of the semester (except for university breaks) and it will pay a monthly stipend for the first academic year of study (fall and spring semesters only: payments typically made September-April). The stipend amount varies depending on GA location but generally ranges from $6500 to $8000 for the academic year (approximately $10-12 per hour). The GA does not include any tuition or fee payment but does waive the out-of-state tuition/fee cost, if applicable. Therefore, students will be required to pay the in-state tuition/fee rate during the time in which they are funded through a GA. In nearly all cases, the GA is limited to only the first year of the program (fall and spring). However, students will continue to receive the in-state tuition/fee rate during the summer term between years one and two. During the final semester (fall semester of year two), students will no longer receive a GA and will be expected to pay the out-of-state tuition/fee rate, assuming they do not qualify for the in-state rate based on residency. In rare cases, a GA may be available during the second year. Students will have an option to rank their interest in the various GA sites and may be required to interview for selected sites. Students should inquire with Dr. Ruth Williams-Hooker for more information regarding GAs.

Thesis nutrition dietetics

thesis nutrition dietetics


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