Tv and obesity essay

In current environment children most like playing video games, chatting with there friends and surfing internet rather than playing outdoor games. Also, sometimes they spend most of time in watching TV instead of indoor are more influenced by advertisements, which sometimes misguide them. Adopting sedentary lifestyle, doing very less physical activity or exercise leads to obesity. Moreover, the eating habits are also changed. Children like junk or fast food more which they can easily found on every street corner. Unhealthy diet is also a major cause for obesity.

A healthy diet is essential for a healthy life. This does not mean eating only healthy foods. It means, keeping to a diet as much as possible. An occasional piece of cake or a chocolate will not make a difference to health. In fact, this is considered very healthy. Constant binging on sweets and fatty foods, however, is not so. A healthy diet not only helps improve a healthy lifestyle, but also helps maintain an ideal weight. Eating smaller portions, including more vegetables in a meal, switching to healthier salad dressings, and eating more fruits is the way to enter a healthy lifestyle through foods.

Tv and obesity essay

tv and obesity essay


tv and obesity essaytv and obesity essaytv and obesity essaytv and obesity essay