Using the first person in essays

I’ve written a novel with mostly first person POV. My other novels are in third person. Some people have read it – no one commented on the POV. I was told by an editor that it is confusing. Not one person who read it thought it was confusing. I do change the narrater as the narrator in the first section leaves our story.
It’s like a train ride. Dave and Sally get off and the remaining passenger, Henry continues on his journey. Dave and Sally are a precursor to what happens to Henry. I know this sounds corny, but the story is about people overcoming overwhelming odds to find their hearts. Title: “To Keep From Drowning” ron hagg

In 2007, Southwest modified their boarding procedure by introducing a number. Each passenger receives a letter (A, B or C) and a number 1 through 60. Passengers line up in numerical order within each letter group and choose any open seat on the aircraft as part of Southwest's open seating policy. [99] According to a 2012 study by Mythbusters , this is the fastest method currently in use for non-first class passengers to board a plane; on average, it is 10 minutes faster than the standard method used by most airlines of boarding from the back frontward. [100]

Varying psychic distance allows the narrator to be either inside or outside of the characters, depending on how the author wants to handle any given moment. In “The Swimmer,” Cheever uses the opening “long shot” to introduce us to the world of the story and he later uses the “pullback” to show the gap between Ned’s delusional perceptions of himself and reality.  The author’s artful use of psychic distance makes these moments among the most striking in the story.  If a writer goes overboard with psychic distance, zooming in and out every few paragraphs, the reader will develop whiplash, but used judiciously it adds a whole new dimension to how a story is told.

Using the first person in essays

using the first person in essays


using the first person in essaysusing the first person in essaysusing the first person in essaysusing the first person in essays